Exporting your Files and Data from your SPS Google Account

posted Jun 6, 2016, 6:50 AM by Paul Barrette
If you are a staff member who is leaving the district or a student who is leaving school, you can export the majority of your files and data from your Smithfield Google account using a tool called Google Takeout. Takeout will allow you to download your files and data so that you can take it with you and access it even after your Smithfield Google account is disabled.

Takeout will allow you to export your email, contacts, calendar, files from Drive, notes from Google Keep, and blog posts from Blogger (staff only). However, you will not be able to use Takeout to export any Google Sites that you may have created, so you will need to download these using separate instructions.

Depending on how many files and how much data you have in your Smithfield Google account, Takeout can take hours (even days) to assemble your account archive, so please plan accordingly (i.e. don't wait until the last minute). Also, you can access Takeout from home using a personal device, so you do not need to be at school or using a school owned device to export your files and data.

Here are some instructions on how to export your files and data, http://techtips.smithfield-ps.org/2016/06/exporting-data-from-your-sps-google.html